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2024 Frankfurt Prolight+Sound

Frankfurt, Germany 2024 Prolight + Sound

Exhibition time: 2024-03-19 ~ 03-22

Address: Germany-Frankfurt International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition industry: Lighting stage

Holding cycle: 1 year and 1 session

Exhibition introduction

The Frankfurt Stage Lighting and Sound Technology Exhibition (Prolight + Sound) is

 the largest and most successful stage lighting and sound technology exhibition in

 the world. It consists of the music exhibition of the musical instrument exhibition in

 Frankfurt, Germany and the light and sound of the stage light and sound

 technology exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Among them, since 1980, Musikmesse

 was held in Frankfurt, and since 1995, light sound, stage lighting and sound

 technology exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Frankfurt Stage Light and Sound Technology Exhibition (Prolight + Sound) is

 the largest musical instrument exhibition in the world, where you can experience a

 variety of musical instruments, music software, computer hardware, music and

 music accessories, as well as all the products related to music production. The

 Stage Light and Sound Technology Exhibition (Prolight + Sound) in Frankfurt was

 also exciting. The final exhibition covers a total area of 80,000 square meters, with

 1,490 exhibitors and 95,366 exhibitors from China, Japan, Italy, USA, Dubai, Russia

 and India.

The Frankfurt Stage Light and Sound Technology Exhibition (Prolight + Sound)

 provides a face-to-face and point-to-point trading platform for more professional

 service exhibitors. The exhibition integrates products, services, media, cinemas,

 exhibitions and activities, and at the same time, we also see a highly international business atmosphere in our field.

Scope of exhibits

Professional audio: sound box, public broadcasting equipment, power amplifier system, conference equipment, sound expansion system, intelligent control technology, intelligent weak current system, sound insulation and sound-absorbing materials, accessories, materials

Stage machinery and equipment: hand-controlled electronic control equipment, sound and light smoke, turning platform, lifting platform, activity platform, stage monitor, stage decoration materials, curtain, etc

Professional lighting: stage lighting series, computer light series, dimming series equipment, all kinds of stage light bulbs, garden lighting system, all kinds of light sources, lighting accessories, etc

LED: LED lamp, LED floor brick, LED backlight, LED display, LED curtain wall, LED stereo light word, LED components and materials, LED package / module

KTV: speakers, power amplifier, KTV song point system and equipment, VOD on-demand system and equipment, management system and technical solutions, set-top box and accessories, etc

Professional sound effects and recording equipment: professional sound, sound load equipment, power amplifier, stage engineering technology, stage lighting, laser technology, kara OK system, microphone and accessories, public broadcast system, recording and remaking equipment, mixing table and box rack, accessories, etc.; musical instrument accessories and furniture; music publications and professional publications