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The 22nd Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition

The 22nd Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition will be held in Zone A and B of China Import and Export Fair on May 23-2024-26.

Guangzhou international professional lighting, audio exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou exhibition), founded in 2003, is currently organized by Guangdong international exhibition co., LTD and Frankfurt exhibition group, the deep industry 21 years, has developed into a global professional sound and light audio-visual industry's largest, one of the most brand appeal exhibition.

2023 Guangzhou international professional lighting, audio exhibition exhibits covers professional audio, stage equipment, conference communication, multimedia solutions, audio and video data transmission, system integration, professional lighting, LED, projection equipment, immersive virtual technology, stage integrated performance system, automation control system, wire accessories industry chain across the products, and further focus on the development of digital technology fusion, power industry colleagues take the lead to grasp the professional sound and light, audio-visual industry frontier technology and the future development pulse.

Exhibition data

Date and time

From May 23-26,2024


China Import and Export Fair Pavilion A, Zone B

No.380 Yuezhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Exhibition area

130,000 square meters, 13 major exhibition halls and Y channel exhibition area (2023)

The number of exhibitors

1,403 homes (2023)

Professional audience

85,046 A (2023)

Corresponding activities, forums and seminars

50 + field (2023)

Category of exhibits

Professional audio equipment, systems and accessories

-loudspeaker box

-Power release system

-Public broadcasting equipment

-sound console

-DJ equipment



-The VOD on-demand system

-Audio accessories and wire materials

-Other sound equipment

Professional lighting equipment, systems and accessories

-Stage lighting system

-architectural lighting

-laser technology

-Tuning equipment

-outdoor lighting

-Various light sources, lighting accessories


-Other lighting and related equipment

Stage equipment and systems

-Transfer platform, lifting platform, and activity platform

-Manual or electric hoist

-Stage decoration materials, curtain

-Various types of truss and hanging devices

-Air box

-Projection and display technology

-Stage effects

-Other stage equipment

Audio-visual and transmission equipment

-meeting system

-Television and radio broadcasting equipment

-Audio and video network system

-Other audio and video equipment and transmission equipment

target audiences

We sincerely invite the majority of audio, lighting professionals and enthusiasts to visit!

Agent / distributor

Sound, lighting engineering company

Import and export traders

Manufacturers of sound, lighting, stage equipment, materials and accessories

Theater, stadiums, clubs, concert halls

Hotels, shopping malls

Municipal gardens, real estate

Radio, TV

Performing arts group

Colleges, teaching, scientific research, and society

Audio, vocal music lovers

government agency

Media, professional magazines


host unit:

Guangdong International Science and Technology Trade Exhibition Company

Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., LTD

Support unit:

Chinese Association of Recorrecorders

The China Performance Industry Association

China Hotel Association

Guangdong Provincial Performance Industry Association

Guangdong Association of Recorrecorders

The Shanghai Municipal Performance Industry Association

Enping City electroacoustic Industry Association

Research Institute of Sound, Video and Light Technology, Guangzhou University

German Technical Association for Performing Arts (VPLT)

Brazilian Instrument Instrument and Sound Manufacturers Association (ANAFIMA)

The Japan Electronics Show Association

The Hotel Industry Association of Thailand

Acoustic building

The Taiwan Technical Theatre Association

Guangdong Provincial Stage Art Research Association

The Chinese Stage Art Society